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Triple Glazed Studios
Vancouver, BC
Release date:
watchOS: 2021-05-10
iOS: 2020-10-05
macOS: 2020-06-16
watchOS 7.0 and above
iOS/iPadOS 14.0 and above
macOS 10.15.0 and above
Price (in USD):
Individual Plan $7.99/month or $79.99/year
Crew Plan (2 Members) $15.99/month or $159.99/year
Crew Plan (3 Members) $23.99/month or $239.99/year
Crew Plan (4 Members) $31.99/month or $329.99/year
Crew Plan (5 Members) $39.99/month or $399.99/year

All subscriptions include a one month free trial.

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Orbit 2.0 (iOS)

Our 2.0 update for Orbit on iOS includes a lot of new, exciting features! For the iPad, we’ve added new, extra-large widgets (including a super useful timeline widget), keyboard shortcuts, and Quick Note support for quickly adding private notes for invoices and clients. This version also includes Shortcuts support. So users can now start, stop, or create time entries quickly, build their own Shortcuts using different Orbit actions, combine them with actions from other apps, and trigger them based on different focus modes. We've also added support for the always-on display on the Apple Watch, updated the design for iOS 15 to use the new navigation bar and tab bar styles, and much more!

App Description

Orbit is a nicely designed, native, easy to use time tracking and invoicing app made for designers, developers and consultants (and anyone interested in tracking their time).

When you're running your own business, or are a small team of creatives, keeping track of your time and invoicing your clients shouldn't be something you dread. That's why we made Orbit, to make it easy to keep track of how much time you work, which project you spend time on and how much to invoice your clients for.

Orbit is designed to be easy to get started with, to help people get their work done, and to encourage people to focus on the work they're truly passionate about.

We have many features in mind that we want to add to the app down the line. We have decided to be very open about our current and future feature set. We keep our roadmap public (as well as offering free trials), to make it easy for our potential users to decide whether or not Orbit, with its current and future feature set, is the right app for them. We know that a subscription is quite the commitment and we want our customers to be happy!

Extra-large Widgets Screenshots

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Orbit for iOS

Orbit for iOS is a nicely designed iPhone and iPad version of Orbit. The focus of the iOS app is for the user to be able to quickly start a timer, see a glanceable overview of their timers and projects, and to create invoices based on your tracked time. We also added some neat widgets so users can see their active timers on their home screens.


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